Ways you can help combat climate change

The world in which we live in today is riddled with issues that man is responsible for. From thousand tons of forest being destroyed every day to many water systems getting poisoned, we have fundamentally changed the earth to better suit our needs. Some issues that came were a product of human unawareness, but some […]

How to protect your soil from drought in a permaculture garden

While we live out our normal lives, the earth is getting heated up which is terrible for everybody living on it. The fact of the matter is that global warming is becoming the main issue in recent years and that everyone needs to upgrade their way of living so it can be sustainable in the […]

The benefits of Chickens in a Permaculture Garden

Everyone that is considering to have their own garden should look at how a Permaculture Garden can be made. While we have lots of articles that focus on that topic, we won’t be explaining how to create a Permaculture Garden but in fact how chickens can benefit one. If you are considering education yourself on […]

Preparing your garden for winter

While you are trying to nurture your permaculture garden you are also aware that during the winter there aren’t enough crops that can survive the harsh cold. There are several things you can do to successfully plant and harvest some things during the winter, but you also have to start preparing your garden for the […]

Reasons why you should be scared of the GMO’s

While we live in a world that is home to more than 6 billion people we definitely need more food all the time. The problem with this is that most food that the agriculture produces is full of toxic chemicals. Some are being used to protect the plants from bugs, some from diseases, and some […]

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