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About me

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I have a world leading institute for teaching people how to live their lives in the unique way of protecting the world while at the same time enjoying a healthy life and all the benefits that go with it. We have an incredible vision that he transmuted into action. With our help, you will soon be off the horrible chemicals that plague our food and our land as you will learn with us how to have a functioning agriculture and a sustainable life.

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We also have many courses that devote their time to teach you how to get in touch with yourself and how to minimize the negative effects of stress. We all have one life to live so why not live it for as long as possible? As leaders in this particular and unique institute and way of life we always strive to implement new methods and to be creative.

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Permaculture is an idea, or way of life when you focus your energy and mold your habits to work with nature instead of working against it. With Permaculture you are in charge of the way you live your life on this earth and how much you will leave a negative impact on it. Here you will learn to live with the animals and the plants instead of using them for profit.


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