Everyone that is considering to have their own garden should look at how a Permaculture Garden can be made. While we have lots of articles that focus on that topic, we won’t be explaining how to create a Permaculture Garden but in fact how chickens can benefit one.

If you are considering education yourself on the Permaculture Garden and its advantages you might want to check out Vladislav Davidzon and his regenerative leadership institute.

So, without further explanation about Permaculture gardens, we will now explain how chickens help in one.

Post5aChickens can provide food

Having a Permaculture Garden is good for many reasons, and one of them is to produce natural food. Chickens that are grown are also a good natural food source. They can provide eggs, and depend on the breed; they can produce from 100 eggs per year all the way up to 300. Additionally, chickens can also be a good source of meat. If you feed your chickens with natural foods instead of the chemically infused chicken feed, your chickens will have some of the juiciest and finger-licking meat.

Post5bChickens are good recyclers

If you don’t own a pet like a dog, you can feed lots of your leftover food to the chickens. Never feed them onion leftovers, citrus fruit leftovers, and meet. Other than those feeding them many different plants from your table is a good way to generate less garbage as they will eat most of it.

Chickens produce good manure for your garden

Post5cIf you have ever had a bird as a pet then you know that they only do two things during the day. They eat, and they crap all the time. If you are considering having a Permaculture Garden than the chickens will be a nice addition with their nitrogen-rich manure. When you decide to have an all-natural garden you also need to take care of the earth. Enriching the earth with toxic chemicals can be dangerous for your health.

So, if you are looking for a natural way of doing it, you might find everything you need in the chicken manure. The compounds in the manure are very healthy for the microorganisms that feed the earth, and there is a near unlimited supply of the fertilizer as long as you have some chickens.

Post5dSoil turning

Having a Permaculture Garden means that you do everything in a natural way. Soil turning is another thing that needs your attention and where chickens can help you. While they are going on and about in their typical day in your garden, they will turn lots of the soil when they are looking for worms and other bugs. Chickens love to find those tasty treats in the ground, and while they are looking for food, they are also doing your work for you.

Chickens are a fantastic addition to a Permaculture Garden so give them a try and see how you hold up with those magnificent birds.

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