While we live out our normal lives, the earth is getting heated up which is terrible for everybody living on it. The fact of the matter is that global warming is becoming the main issue in recent years and that everyone needs to upgrade their way of living so it can be sustainable in the current global problems. While everyone is working on their own unique way to contribute to minimizing global warming, we will take a look at how to protect the soil in your garden.

Post6bAs we know, soil gets dried up with constant use. Global warming is now also taking its piece of the earth as its slowly speeding up the dryness of the surface.

Let’s get down to some helpful tips to protect your soil from the drought if you live in areas that are getting often hit with this problem. If you find them helpful you might want to check out the regenerative leadership institute that Vladislav Davidzon has founded. They are the leaders in all permaculture discoveries and applications.

Beginning preparations

When you start to work in your garden, you will notice that you need lots of things before it can become a proper garden. While you prepare the soil, you have to make sure that you have a healthy mix of clay and sand as you can grow almost anything in such an environment. Post6cWater will quickly flow down in such an environment and won’t be trapped on the top or underneath making the top dry out faster.

Once you are done with the right mixture of soil, you have to start laying down the organic compost. Having everything organic will help the plants grow in a rich environment.

Water systems

A good permaculture garden owner has a system that will gather all the raindrops and will lead it to the garden so that it can get as much of the water as possible.

However, don’t make a system that will drown your plants, have a failsafe area where you can open up the “floodgates” and let all the excess water flow out. Make a canister where the water can be gathered as in heavy drought periods that water will be crucial for your garden.

Post6dHave lots of Mulch

Mulch will help all factors in the drought periods. It can protect the plants from overheating. If it’s placed on top of the plants during a hot day, it can create a “shade” for your plants underneath it, and they will be cooler by a few dozen degrees.

Next Mulch can help the soil by making it less likely to dry up. If the ground gets watered and there is a drought period the earth can dry up as the water evaporates faster. Much is a great factor to at least half the evaporation.

Sow sooner

While it can be beneficial in some situations to sow plants in a protective area where the drought won’t be present, in other cases, it can be dangerous as plants won’t acclimate to the drought season. If you want your plants to withstand the drought a bit easier, you must sow them early and let them acclimated to that kind of weather.

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