While we live in a world that is home to more than 6 billion people we definitely need more food all the time. The problem with this is that most food that the agriculture produces is full of toxic chemicals. Some are being used to protect the plants from bugs, some from diseases, and some from the weather. However, while they certainly are doing their job in those areas, they are also doing one thing that is not reported on that much, which is running the health of the people that are eating them.

Post3bThe more people we have in the world, the more we will have to produce bigger food yields. The trouble with this is that it’s no financially good for the big companies to constantly produce more as they have to double down on the spending. So, they do the next best thing in their mind. Which is to genetically modify the food to produce the bigger yields they need.

The problem with genetically modified food or GMO’s is not a small one, and we will try to list some of our concerns.

You are not told how much the food is genetically modified

Post3cMany people in this world right now are eating genetically modified food and are not even aware of it. Have you noticed how in the past couple of years the apples have gotten bigger and lost their juice? The sweetness of the artificially modified fruit is gone, and all we get is a big lump of fibers that is the apple. The problem is while you are down at the local supermarket they won’t label those apples as GMO. This is pretty scary because if you don’t know what has been changed, you are not aware of what you are eating.

Vladislav Davidzon has had lots of time to create a project and designs it so you can have a natural garden in your home, so you don’t have to eat GMO’s. Make sure to check out his work on this subject.

Post3aYou are not aware of how it can affect your body

Another problem with the GMO’s is that all the modifications are not listed so anything can be modified. You could be eating something that is poisonous, and you would not be aware of it. The sad part is nobody can be sure since we did not have years of testing to get aware of the changes the GMO’s can have on our body. If you ask us the fact that you have to eat something for 50-100 years to know if it might be toxic to you, is a big risk for us.

GMO’s have more chemicals than the natural product

Post3dWhile you get a bigger product with GMO’s, you also get more chemicals in them. If an apple is made a natural way it will have just the right amounts of everything it needs to be a good apple. If you buy a GMO apple you won’t be given the just right amount, you will be given the ” more than there should be” amount, and usually more means more bad things. Thousands of chemicals are being used to create that bigger GMO apple.

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