The world in which we live in today is riddled with issues that man is responsible for. From thousand tons of forest being destroyed every day to many water systems getting poisoned, we have fundamentally changed the earth to better suit our needs. Some issues that came were a product of human unawareness, but some have just been plain carelessness. Global warming is a problem that came from unawareness but continued to play out as the people biggest careless mistake. Climate change is an undeniable problem that the world is faced with today and as we move ever closer to the point of no return everyone that wants to help in the combat against climate change can do so with some of our amazing tips.

Post7aaIf you want to know how you can battle climate change and completely get off the grid, you ought to read the works of Vladislav Davidzon.

Vladislav Davidzon is an entrepreneur that is the owner a “regenerative leadership institute, where they teach people to have their own permaculture and how to be less of a pollutant towards the earth.

So, without further ado the four tips that can help you combat climate change

Post7bUse water efficiently

While everyone loves to take a long hot shower, sometimes it’s not good for the earth. We all like to relax when we shower but spending water in a drought season is just wrong. While you may not live in such an area, while we are all part of one big planet earth, we are all connected and responsible for it. If you enjoy taking showers and can’t imagine to give them up, that is fine. However, if you want to change you might start off with minimizing the number of long showers you take during a month. Every little bit helps.

Conserve energy

Post7cWhile we all like to have, everything plugged in today’s world, its smart for two reasons to unplug as many things as you can. First of all, the many things in our home that are not plugged in can’t get an electrical malfunction. So, you can evade accidental fires or burned out equipment from blowing a fuse if you just unplug them. Second, it’s good because you can save on your energy bill.

If you begin using half the energy you use today, the amount of help you bring to the earth might not be enormous, but it will build up over time.

Post7dRecycle more

The biggest problem in combating global warming is that we have to combat with one issue at a time. The amount of trash that we generate that needs to get burned or buried is enormous. So try to recycle as much stuff as you can!

Switch to a vegetarian diet or at least don’t eat beef

Beef is a delicious type of meat. However, the amount of co2 cows produce is the biggest issue besides the cars that emit co2 in the atmosphere. If you want to combat climate change, stop supporting the production of beef.

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